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Say goodbye to lost socks.

Endless sock pairing.

And hi to great socks that stay together.

Finally. A smart and easy to use solution for keeping socks together throughout the washing process. Welcome to The Band Socks.

How to band

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Watch out, sock monsters

Our mission

Socks are great for keeping feet warm and comfortable. However, while solving one problem, socks come with another: they never seem able to stick together in the washing process.

Sure, some just get separated in different wash loads and can be paired again. But only after time-consuming search operations.

Other end up as singles, losing their partner to mysterious sock monsters. Did you know that every human loses about 1 000 socks in a lifetime? And what’s even worse – 10% of all socks are thrown away before they are worn out because of this.

Our mission is to put an end to this with the simplest, easiest to use solution for keeping socks together that has been presented so far: a stylish elastic band that is used to band the socks together when you take them off.

The Band is now patent pending, and we truly believe that it – applied to great socks in ecological cotton that can be worn day after day – both will reduce unnecessary waste and help people save time in the turmoil known as pairing socks.

The Band Socks is here to stay. Because every pair that goes through the washing process together is a win for both planet and people!


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